Perfecting Family Tradition

We believe that camping can be much more than parking arms length from your neighbor in a trailer park.
Access is a key part to enjoying your surroundings and sometimes that means going minimalist.
Having lived off the grid for over 25 years we have the experience and knowledge to know what you really need
and what is true convenience.

We also know that not every family has the means to purchase a full size camp trailer, and a tow vehicle,
or all the other combined costs for such a package. Many recreational vehicles are so specialty built,
they may only get used for several weeks out of each year. We try to combine recreation uses with every
day practicality. A vehicle should be useful for whatever purpose arises. The greatest camping rig won’t
bring you much fun if you can’t afford to use it.

What might be perfect for some may not be for others. We have spent years designing and improving our products,
and will never stop improving. We will also not sell you anything you do not want or need. Our modular design
allows you to purchase only what you want when you want it. You can get a kitchenette or bunk beds installed anytime.
We are developing a power pack that will make it possible to add a solar panel, additional batteries, even a ducted heater
or air conditioner unit if you elect to do so.