Starts at $12,995

Lightweight design and Durable

12′ long, 6′ 8″ wide and 6′ 6″ tall.

Ice Cave/Bivy

Starts at $12,995

Most Versatile and upgradable

Tilting Trailer. Functions either way. Possible 7′ ceiling

Half Moon

Starts at $4995

Long Enough For a 7′ Person

Base Weight 600 lbs total


A Different Approach

A typical RV has a steel trailer frame with cross members widely spaced
over the length of the unit. Above that is an element barrier such as a light metal or poly tarp material.
Dimension lumber then provides the structural support for floorings such as wafer board or particle board.
Insulation is likely fiberglass placed between the floor joists. Our floors are built as part of the steel trailer
frame structure.

Our floors help hold the aluminum exoskeleton to the frame. Additionally our
body is bolted through the frame to the aluminum exoskeleton.


Unique Solutions

Our aluminum exoskeleton and structurally engineered wall panels are the future of the industry. they are extremely strong, lightweight and can be configured in ways not possible using standard building techniques. The design assures that it will
take more than a low tree branch to peel away the siding. Like the insulation in our floors,
the constant vibration of traveling highways or rough terrain will not cause any settling or insulation loss in the wall
structure. The use of aluminum for structural support means no more rotted corners or roof beams.

These camp trailers are built to last.


Quality Over Quantity

We use 2″X2″ or 2″X3″ box tubing for the floor joists. Our floor pan is .050 aluminum sheet, twice the thickness of standard RV aluminum. 2″ or 3″ polystyrene insulation is tightly fitted between our floor joists and is bonded to the floor pan aluminum and our plywood subfloor. This provides an extremely light and strong floor that has virtually no sag between the joists. Because we use foam insulation, it will not settle over time, so it retains its full R-value through its life. Our heavy gauge aluminum floor pan eliminates rodents being able to chew their way in or the occasional rouge stick or rock from penetrating into the floor structure. This type of construction also lowers the entire height of the RV because the floor fits between the frame instead of above it.

Our Fantastic Team/Family

The second generation has reintroduced Snowy Mountain Campers with new designs and modern concepts.
Snowy Mountain Camper began in 1960 when Don and Kay Pegg built their first pickup camper in Lewistown Montana.
Through the 1990’s their commitment was to produce the highest quality RVs at a reasonable price.
Our promise is to provide that same service through the next generation.


  • Glen Pegg
  • R&D Fabrication

  • Esther Pegg
  • Interior Design

  • Darren Morgan
  • Fabrication

  • Zachariah Feist
  • Web Design/I.T.